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Investment Management

Investment Management

HighBridge Properties offers clients a comprehensive investment platform for the acquisition and disposition of all types of income-producing real estate assets.

Having successfully acquired, managed and sold more than $1.5 billion in commercial and multifamily real estate assets, we have developed a disciplined approach to buying and selling properties. Unlike brokers, who typically are incentivized to find the “next deal,” we serve as a trusted, long-term adviser to our clients throughout the entire acquisition or disposition process.


Each of the following phases of the acquisition process requires the coordination of numerous participants, detailed financial and physical analyses, timely decision making and quick execution to achieve the results our clients deserve.

A hallmark of our process is to alert clients to all potential investment risks well before we acquire an asset and then to follow a thorough set of procedures to help mitigate each of those risks.
  • Investment Planning and Sourcing:  We begin the process by clearly identifying a client’s objectives and then devising an investment strategy based on those goals, all of which leads to a well-defined set of investment criteria. Our extensive relationships with real estate brokers and other market participants provide immediate access to a wide range of investment opportunities that extends beyond listed deals to include off-market transactions and bank notes.
We identify the prospective investments that are most appropriate for our clients’ risk tolerances and then match the income and value projections for those prospects with our client’s investment objectives and return requirements.  
  • Initial Property Evaluation:  We save our clients a significant amount of time and money by quickly identifying a prospect’s asset-level and market-related risks, and then accurately valuing the investment before starting price and contract negotiations. By correctly identifying the asset’s risk and value potential, we help our clients minimize/avoid contractual and due diligence costs, steering them away from weak or financially unsound investments that ultimately would be terminated as a result of discoveries made during the due diligence phase.
  • Negotiations:  Skilled deal negotiations are essential to the success of a real estate investment. After our initial evaluation of a prospective asset, we interpret the motivations of the seller/buyer to help us negotiate the best possible outcome for our client. We adeptly manage the contractual and negotiation process to ensure that all of our client’s risks and contractual duties are clearly defined and addressed, and his/her liability is limited to the greatest extent possible.
  • Due Diligence and Underwriting: If our initial review of a investment prospect is favorable, we then submit the asset to a thorough and systematic due diligence and underwriting regimen in order to vet all potential risks, costs and benefits. By following a standardized process, we can quickly review the asset in detail, expose all of its attributes and avoid catastrophic financial losses and unnecessary owner liabilities.
During the due diligence phase, we coordinate research of a property’s physical and environmental characteristics and analyze historical and current economic and financial factors affecting the property. Our underwriting also involves interpreting the current market environment, identifying market trends and providing well-founded financial and valuation projections.
  • Transaction Closing and Ownership Transition:  We manage the entire closing process for our clients, including coordinating legal efforts, calculating any prorations, reviewing closing statements and transitioning all property-level services to the new ownership group. We also structure partnership agreements, secure equity and debt capital, prepare the property’s first-year operating budget and hire third-party venders and the team that will oversee the property on a day-to-day basis. In addition, we work to minimize the impact of the change in ownership on the property tenants a seamless transition for all affected participants.

Capital Formation

If our client needs additional equity or debt, we work on our extensive network of business relationships to secure capital at the most economical terms from the most suitable partners.

Harvesting capital in the current market environment is filled with challenges that force even the most experienced investors to identify creative solutions and new sources of capital. Over the past 25 years, we have raised more than $150 million in equity and debt capital, and have formed longstanding relationships with many equity investors and financial institutions.

We move quickly to ascertain our client’s directives and financial position and then pair him/her with an equity and/or debt partner that is most appropriate for his/her needs and objectives.